Introduction to Construction

Introduction to Construction (82 Hours)

The Introduction to Construction course prepares students to understand concepts surrounding construction standards and safety, forklift certification, LEED and OSHA requirements and certifications. Graduates of this program are eligible to work in entry level construction opportunities.

This course will prepare students to work in various capacities within the construction industry to include green/solar opportunities, warehousing, manufacturing and machinery. During the hands-on experience, we give each participant an opportunity to properly use various hand and power tools under supervision. During the last 40-hours of the hands-on experience, the participants build a 10 x 10 room using metal framing. This room will include framing out a door and window opening. When this is complete, the participants hang and finish the drywall of the outside of the room.

Candidates must have a general background in construction or have a High school diploma or GED equivalent.

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